Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Both boys had Cinco de Mayo celebrations at school today.
Riley's class talked about Cinco de Mayo & played Mexican music.
Then they had a pinata!
Lily & I were able to come back to help break it open.

Here is the mob of children after the candy was on the ground. =)

Riley was making sure he got lots of candy.
Lily found a sucker, ripped the wrapper off, and stopped looking for candy.
Miss Eva (Riley's teacher) loves Lily.
She has known her since she was born.
And she lets Lily do pretty much whatever she wants.
So when Lily wanted to take the pinata home, Miss Eva let her.
Let's see how that works next year when she is in her class. =)

Later on in the afternoon, we went to watch Zach do his Cinco de Mayo dance.
The Kindergarten through fifth grades all performed songs and dances with the help of the Spanish teacher.
Zach was really excited!
He did a great job!!

They sang "The More We Get Together" in Spanish while they danced.

The whole class did a good job!
The other classes did a great job too. It was a really cute program.
Happy Cinco de Mayo! =)

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