Friday, May 28, 2010

Our Summer List

Last year we made a Summer List.
10 things we were going to try to do during the summer.
We did them all at least once and the kids looked forward to crossing things off of the list.
Since we liked it so much last year, we decided to do it again.
We looked at our list from last summer and put almost all of the same things on our list.
Then I asked the kids to come up with some other things.
We came up with 20 things all together!
Some things we will probably only do once, and others we will do lots of times.
Some things are really big....and others are very simple, but fun.
Hopefully we will get them all done before school starts again this August.
So, here is our list for
Summer 2010
1. swimming
2. run through the sprinkler
3. water balloons
4. riding bikes/scooters to the park
5. walk to Dairy Queen (and get ice cream!!)
6. art projects
7. sleep in a tent
8. family picnic
9. fishing
10. cooking projects
11. Worlds of Fun
12. Summer Reading Club
13. picking peaches
14.have a sleepover
15. play card games
16. do fireworks
17. catch fireflies
18. take a nature walk
19. go to the zoo
20. go to the drive-in

So that's it. Our big list!
Happy Summer!

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