Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grammy's Berry Pie

Whenever Zach goes to my parent's house,
he likes to go to this tree:

and pick these berries:

Zach will take those berries and ask my mom to make pies out of them.
I have no idea what kind of berries these are.
Or if they are even edible.
My mom is a good Grammy though.
She plays along and will make pies for him.....
even if they are not made out of the berries Zach picks.
Shh!! Don't tell Zach! =)
On Saturday, Zach saw that the tree was full of his special berries.
So he asked my mom to make him a pie.
On Monday, she brought these cute pies that she made over:
Zach was SO excited when he got home from School and saw them.
He inhaled his pie.

He might be catching on that they are not made from the berries he picks.
He asked why the pies tasted like cherries......
But for now, he is fine with thinking his Grammy makes pies from his special berries. =)
Thanks Grammy for helping make such fun memories.

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  1. How sweet of grammy...those pies look YUMMY!