Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tot Trot

Zach and Riley ran in the Tot Trot today.
They were really excited!!
Riley did a great job running!

He was so excited when he crossed the finish line!

Look at this winning smile!

We had met up with my sisters Dianna & Amy who had just run the River Run.
They did it in 21 minutes!
Good Job girls!!!

This is what Lily was doing during the races. =)
Aunt Amy was spoiling her.
This was the last year for Zach to run.
The age cut off is seven.
He has been running it since he was three.
He made his last race count though.
This is his face when he realized he had passed the boy in front of him...
and crossed the finish line.
He won his heat!!!

Look how proud he is!!!

Super job boys!

We walked around the Riverfest afterwards.
Unfortunately there wasn't a lot for all the kids to do together.
If Zach and Riley could go on something, Lily couldn't.
And if Lily could, the boys couldn't.
But Lily & Riley did get their pictures taken with some characters from PBS.
Lily will get to run in the Tot Trot next year with Riley.
She is excited about finally getting to do it! =)

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