Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our First Campfire!

When we built the deck, we bought a fire pit so we could have campfires in our very own backyard.
The kids thought it was a good idea to have a campfire this past weekend......and to have S'mores at the same time!

I wasn't sure how long this family time would last....the kids don't always have the longest attention spans. =) But I was pleasantly surprised. Jeff told the kids a spooky story that ended up being funny, then the kids decided to tell their own spooky/funny story. Even Lily told a story and kept giggling throughout the whole thing. It was really fun to listen to their stories and to listen to them laughing with each other. Hopefully we will have lots more fun campfires!

1 comment:

  1. Blake has always wanted a firepit...looks like fun and I LOVE smores...yum!

    Hope the stories were not too scary for you Jenny!