Wednesday, June 1, 2011

# 14 Go to the Zoo

We have already started crossing things off of our Summer List!
Last Saturday we went to the zoo with my sisters Amy & Kathleen & my nephew Ares.
It was a lot of fun!!
The first thing the kids did was take a wagon ride with Jeff:

Look how strong Riley is!! =)
Ares wanted to check out the giraffes, elephants, and rhinos first.

I really think this is why the kids want to go to the zoo....

so they can pose next to everything.

(and yes, I see that the boys are sticking their fingers in the gorilla's nose...)

Snow cone break!!

Zach is not afraid of these vampire bats (top right corner) unlike his mom...

but apparently he is terrified of statues of kimodo dragons.... ;0)

Feeding the sheep is always an adventure!

So there it is, number 14 already checked off of our list.

I can't wait to check off more! =)

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