Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Riverfest so far.....

When I first heard the Riverfest was going to be moved to June I was not very excited.
It's hot in June.
But now that it is here, I actually like it in June.
May is such a busy month for us, that we usually went on the Saturday that the Tot Trot was and then never went back again.
We just didn't have time.
But this year, we have already been back 3 times!
On Sunday we originally went to go for a ride in the hot air balloon.
But it was too windy. Boo! =(
But then the kids saw the paddle boats, so that saved us. =)

I have not been in a paddle boat in quite some time.....

I did not remember how hard they were to paddle.....

After the boats, we got funnel cake!!


Then, since it was 500 degrees, we went home. ;0)

Yesterday we went to the Children's Theatre's production of Chicken Little.

It was free with your button!

It was very cute and all three kids loved it!

They even got a picture with Turkey Lurkey afterwards!

Then we were going to go to the Kids' Corner, but since I failed to check the schedule, I didn't realize that it didn't open for another hour.


So, instead of waiting in 103 degree weather (not loving that part of it being moved to June) we went home and waited for Jeff to get home from work.

Then we headed back and got to see a Bio-Dome movie for $1.00 each at Exploration Place.

Funny story about that:

Riley has obviously never been to one of these (or a 3D movie) because when the movie started, the title came right at us like it was going to hit us. All of the sudden Riley screamed out, "OH NO! IT'S GOING TO CRUSH US!!!!"

Poor Riley, but it was SO funny!!

He was OK after that.

Zach & I were not though....I forgot how nauseous those movies make me. =( Apparently Zach takes after me with that....he didn't feel so good either.

But then we were able to finally go to the Kids' Corner.....where they had a whole 2 rides!!

They did have inflatables too, but it was too windy...again. (They do know that this festival is held in Kansas, right?) ;0)

The kids have had a lot of fun though and they are excited about the fireworks we are going to (try) to go to on Saturday!

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