Thursday, June 2, 2011

# 4: Swimming!

We set up our pool on Monday.

Only it was really windy, and not that warm.

That didn't stop these crazy kids!

Lily likes to wear her life jacket in the pool.....

even though she can stand up in it.

That's OK, she actually gets in the pool this year without Jeff or I, so it is a big improvement from last year!
I did get her to get in for about 5 seconds with out it:

Notice the death grip on the pool though.

These two don't need any encouragement to get in and swim though:

So sweet:

Both boys really want her to enjoy the pool more.

Zach got her to let go of the edge and walk across the pool.

She only did it once though.

That's more times than I got her to do it though. =)

The boys also love to splash!

This is how Lily feels about splashing:

Everyday, she has said, "Boys! You are making me MAD! Stop getting me WET!"

To which I aways say, "Lily, you're in the pool, you're already wet...."

She doesn't think I'm funny. ;0)

So, she usually ends up here after about 15 minutes in the pool:

This is her favorite spot.

I have to drag the boys out of the pool though. =)

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