Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baby Bird

We were outside yesterday in the backyard.
The boys were in the pool, I was reading on the patio, and Lily was in her chair on the deck.
All of the sudden, Lily said, "Mom, there's a baby bird over here."
I said, "Yes, Lily I know, there are baby birds over there."
"No, mom!" There's one over here, on the deck."
Again, I said, "Yes, Lily, they are in that basket of flowers."
Getting frustrated with me, she walked over to me & said, "No Mom! There's one ON the deck!!"
I walked over to where she was pointing and saw this little guy:

I walked toward him to see if he would fly off, but he didn't.

I didn't want to pick him up, but I couldn't just leave him there on the deck.

So I got a plastic sword one of the boys had left on the deck and scooped him up & put him back.

He almost looked mad that he was back in there. ;0)

He wouldn't go back in the nest, he just sat there on the edge.

The last time I looked last night, he was still sitting there.

I think he really wants to get out of that nest. =)

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