Thursday, June 16, 2011

Window Art

The other day we painted sun catchers:

It's a fun way to brighten up our windows.

Only, don't put them on the side of your sliding glass door that doesn't open, and then open that sliding glass door. Because if you do, the door might knock some of the sun catchers down, and some might fall into the track for the door and get stuck and then you might have to take off the door and get them out because you might not be able to close the door otherwise.

Not that, that happened to me, I'm just saying it might happen.....

While I was at Walmart getting the sun catchers, I saw these:

I thought these would be fun for the kids to do also.

They had fun drawing all over the windows!!

Lily made fish and flowers:

(Sorry these are kind of hard to see.)

Zach made a maze, then erased it all and made a person and an airplane that he labeled:

Riley drew his name and then made "Riley Flowers":

These were actually pretty cheap, about $4.00 for the box of markers.

They were really easy to wipe off the glass (even after they had been there for awhile).

The only draw back, is that they stained the kids' hands and I think that had they gotten on their clothes, they probably would have stained those too, even though the box said washable.

I am sure we will be using these a lot this summer!

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  1. We love window markers! I actually just wrote "clean windows" on my to-do-list for this week. They've been decorated for a couple weeks now... probably time to take it off. :)