Tuesday, June 14, 2011

# 2 Walk to the Park

We finally got the chance to walk to the park.
This shouldn't be something that is hard to get done.
Actually in the Fall & Spring, Lily & I walk to the park all the time.
But in the Summer, it is harder.
First of all, our park is not shaded, so it gets hot, super fast.
Secondly, since it is hot, I usually have whiny kids on the walk BACK home, after we walked to the park & played at the park. (today was no different.) ;0)
So, I like to either drive to our park or to another, shaded park.

But, one of the things the kids really wanted to do, was actually WALK to the park.
So we did. =)
When we got to the park, the kids had fun playing & playing!

Then we walked all the way around the park (there is a walking path) and then headed home.

They were so hot & tired when we got back, that they headed straight for the pool.

We will definitely go to more parks this summer & we will probably walk/ride our bikes to the park by our house again, but it's nice to get this first time checked off our Summer Fun List.

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