Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is This January?

The weather around here has been very un-January like. I'm not complaining. I know this won't last too long though. (In fact it is supposed to be cold today.) Lily and I have been taking advantage of this nice weather though while it lasts. We took a long walk yesterday and ended up at the park. No trip to the park would be complete without a run up and down the hill:

We made it to the park at last!

After playing we started back home. Lily was excited to see her friend Reese (from across the street) was outside too! Reese ran up and gave her a BIG hug!

These two crack me up. They are both 4 and they both are a little on the bossy side. :0) But they love each other. Reese ran up to me and said, "Lily is my best friend!" So sweet!

We stayed outside another 2 hours with Reese and her mommy. It was such a beautiful day. I know that these days are going to be few and far between for awhile, so I am glad Lily & I were able to take advantage of it.

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