Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Winter Crafts

We did these winter crafts a week ago, I just kept forgetting to blog about them. We have been busy with pinewood derby cars, school activities, and just life. :0)
Anyway, we made these cute mugs of hot cocoa. Each of the kids had a construction paper mug, then glued on a piece of brown paper for the cocoa, cotton balls for marshmallows, and then decorated the mugs with cute winter stickers.

I forgot to take pictures while they were crafting though. :0(

The next craft we made was penguins!

They had all of the shapes they needed to make a penguin, they just had to put them in the right spots and glue them on.

Aren't they cute??

(I did not label these, because I honestly could not tell you whose is whose.) ;0)

Craft day is always fun, and it gives the kids a chance to play with each other, which is nice. I'm glad Lily has cousins that are able to come over so she can boss around, I mean play with them. ;0)

For this craft day, Dianna brought a cookie cake that said, "Yay for Craft Day!" I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it before we ate it. It was super cute though....and yummy! =) Thanks Dianna!!

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  1. Thank You for having great craft days!! It is also fun to catch up with you and Mary and sometimes Rachel!