Friday, January 6, 2012

Riley, The Bug Maker!

Riley got this cool bug maker from his Uncle Aaron and Allison for Christmas:

Bugs & gooey stuff? That's right up Riley's alley! He was SO excited to use it. First he used the gel bug eggs to make a bug by putting them into the bug maker. It melts the eggs and then he was able to squeeze the liquid eggs into a bug mold:

After he was done filling the bug mold, we let it cool. He got this cool jelly bug when he opened the mold:

You can make plain bugs, or you can make bugs that are hollow. You can fill the hollow ones with bug goo. Which one do you think Riley made? Yep, the ones you can fill with goo....

He filled the syringe with goo, injected the bug with it, and got a goo filled bug. He was so excited. Why was he so excited? So he could do this:

He smashed the bug and goo went everywhere!

He's such a boy! =) I see many more goo filled counter tops in my future......

Thanks Aaron & Allison for the cool present!

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