Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pinewood Derby 2012!

The Scout Pinewood Derby was last night. All three kids made cars this year! Zach & Riley made cars for the Cub Scout races, and Lily got to make a car too. She made one for the Outlaw Class which is made up of Boy Scouts and siblings of scouts.
This is Zach's car. He painted it black and put cool fire stickers on it.

Riley painted his car blue (shocking, I know...) and found this cool dinosaur skeleton sticker. Zach let him use one of his flame stickers too.

Lily's car was a little more unconventional. ;0)

You don't see too many pink cars at the scout pinewood derby, especially one with rainbows and fairies! (Although there was one other pink car made by another scout's sister.)

Here are most of the scout's cars:

Here are some of the outlaw cars:

Zach and Riley were among 22 scouts competing. Lily had 6 other cars racing with hers. They were all excited to get racing!

Zach was the first of our kids to race.

He won his first heat!!

The cars go under the box and then if your car wins, the light for your lane lights up.

Riley was after Zach:

He won his first heat too!

He is literally jumping for joy here. ;0)

Lily finally got a chance to race. She was too short to put her car up there. :0)

She waited very patiently for the cars to come down:

She won her first heat too! I just don't think she realized it until someone said good job to her.

Then she was all smiles!

After that Zach lost his second heat. He wasn't completely out, but he would be if he lost the next one. Riley won his next one, but then he lost too. Lily lost her next 2 races and was out, but she didn't really care. She was just having fun! =)

Zach was very nervous when he was up for the race that would let him move forward or knock him out. This was him when he realized he was still in it:

He's a bit dramatic......... ;0)

After that Riley won his race too to stay in. Then both boys were up against each other. Whoever lost would get fourth place.

Riley lost, but he was such a good sport about it. He was happy his brother got to move forward. Such a nice brother!

Zach went on to the next race and lost, but that's OK, because he came in 3rd place overall! Not too bad for only his third year doing it.

He was pretty excited! (and a little surprised, but we knew he could do it!)

Here is Lily with her pretty car:


And all three:

We are so proud of all of them. They did a great job!!

We are all pretty excited here in the Logan house. :0)


  1. Congrats Zach, Riley and Lily!!


  2. I love Lily's pink fairy car! And her outfit is too cute! :)

  3. Awesome trophy!!

    Congrats to all 3 =)