Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Craft Day!

On Wednesday, we had Ares & Johnny over for Winter Craft Day! Since the weather has been so warm, I thought it was kind of funny that we were going to be making snowmen. But then it got COLD on Wednesday!! It was nice to have a craft day already planned so we could stay inside our nice warm house. =)
The first snowmen we made were made with construction paper, googly eyes, and puff balls. I had everything cut out for the kids, they just had to figure out how it all went together.

They did a good job!

Next, we made foam snowmen. (That I bought as a kit after Christmas for 1/2 off, whoo hoo!)

Even their cousin Karen participated. ;0)

Thanks for bringing Ares, Karen!!

Here are their snowmen:

When the boys got home and saw Lily's snowman, they wanted to make their own. Riley made a whole family!

Zach made this cute snowman:

When Lily saw the boys making snowmen, she just had to make another one too!

Now we have plenty of snowmen for our house. ;0)

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