Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Zach, The Science Wizard!

Zach got this cool science kit from his cousin Ares for Christmas:

He has been loving doing experiments with it! The first thing he had to do though, was make his wizard hat and magic wand. The magic hat was easy enough, he just had to decorate, cut, and tape it. Then came the wand part. First he had to put water into a test tube. He wanted to make his wand purple, so he had to figure out which color tablets he needed to use to get purple. He dropped in a blue color tablet. Then he decided that red was the other color he needed.

After he changed the blue water to purple water, he added dried "crystals" to the water. After an hour, they were full crystals! He carefully added them to his wand, put the cap on, and....

Ta-Da! Instant wizard! =)

(Yes, I realize he has a Halloween shirt on in this really was after Christmas...)

Another experiment that he did used acids and bases. He filled 2 test tubes with water, added red cabbage juice to both, which turned the water a purple-ish color, then added citric acid to one and baking soda (a base) to the other.

The acid turned red and the base turned blue! Then, using a third test tube, he mixed the two together, and got this reaction:

It foamed up! He thought that was pretty cool.

He has done several more experiments with his magic science kit, and he loves it! Thanks Ares!

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