Tuesday, July 16, 2013

3rd Annual Water Balloon Fight!

For the past 2 summers, the kids have had a water balloon fight with their cousins on my side of the family (the younger ones at least). Yesterday was our 3rd one! We went from me filling up balloons for a fight that lasted about 5 seconds, to everyone filling up balloons for a massive fight!

We place beach towels all over the park and lay the balloons on them, so they are spread out. That way the kids aren't running to one place to get balloons.

We have them line up on the sidewalk, then let them run for the balloons!

We usually have a picnic afterwards & the kids can play on the playground, but this year it started pouring almost as soon as we were done. So, the kids played in the rain before & after eating under the pavilion! By the time we left the kids were "freezing". I never thought I would hear that in July!
The kids all had fun & are excited about next year!

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