Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Family Movie Night!

One of the things on our Summer Fun List is a Family Movie Night. We have movie nights, and we go to the Drive-in and the theatre, but since this was on the list, we decided to make it a little more special.
We popped popcorn with our new air poppr:

We got candy everyone likes and gave some to everyone:

We moved the coffee table and got pillows and blankets out to be comfy:

(Lily wanted me to take tis picture of Baby Lamb having movie night too.) ;0)

And we tried out our new projector!

We watched the 1st Despicable Me so we could get ready to watch the 2nd one next week! We had so much fun & it was really easy to set up, so I see us doing this a lot!

Hopefully when it is not too hot outside, we can have a movie night outside & invite family & friends!