Monday, July 15, 2013

Rainbow Color Hunt

Last week, we had a Rainbow Treasure Hunt with the kids and their cousins. First I got yarn of different color (one for each kid), and then taped each color to a cup with each child's name on it. I strung the string all over my parents' yard criss crossing, around trees, gates, etc. At the end of each string was a bag with candy (that doesn't melt) and their name on it for their prize.

I went over in the morning to hang all of the string. It took me about an hour!
Then we all came over in the afternoon to do the hunt. Each kid had to find their cup and then follow it until they found their prize. It was pretty funny to watch them!

They were excited when they found their treasure bags!


  1. Love all this extended family fun!

  2. That was super was the water balloon fight! Thanks Jenny for always coming up with such fun ideas, scheduling it, and setting up/running it. Lots of hard work that is appreciated and will be sorely missed next summer by us :,0(