Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Worlds Of Fun!

On Friday night, we headed up to Kansas City for a little weekend getaway with the kids. We decided that we were going to go to World Of Fun on Saturday & Coco Key Water Resort on Sunday.
We got to Worlds Of Fun when it opened Saturday morning (10:00) and the first thing we rode was the carousel.

Then everyone but me rode this roller coaster. Wehad bought fast lane passes, and were glad that we did. They were expensive, but they let us walk onto all of the big rides; all of the roller coasters, Fury of the Nile, Viking Voyager, etc. What would have been about hour wait was turned into a maybe 5 minute wait. The boys were able to ride so many more rides (and some more than once).

While the boys were off riding thrill rides, Lily won this cute baby lemur, and then we were off to Planet Snoopy to ride rides! (and see Snoopy & Charlie Brown!!)

The boys came back to get us to go on Fury of the Nile with them, and Zach got to see Snoopy too! (Riley thought he was too cool to get his picture with him though...)

After Fury of the Nile and lunch, the boys went back to their roller coasters & Lily & I went back to Planet Snoopy.

After awhile, the boys came back & rode some rides with Lily. :0)

Riley won a blue lemur!

I was done getting wet, so I opted to watch them go on the Viking Voyager.

More rides were ridden until 10:00....

until we watched the fireworks!! (A special thing they are doing on Saturdays in July.)

By the time we got back to the hotel, we were all sufficiently tired & ready for bed. We had a great day and were ready for a relaxing day at Coco Key!

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