Monday, July 8, 2013

Outdoor Games

Last week, we had fun outdoor games at my mom's. We had tic-tac-toe:

I painted rocks to look like ladybugs & bumblebees for the markers, and spray painted the "board" on the lawn.

We also played Twister:

I spray painted the twister circle colors onto the lawn & made a twister spinner board by printing one off of the internet.

We split the kids into two groups. One did the tic-tac-toe while the other did the Twister & then we switched.

Emma was enjoying some crackers during all of this. :0)

The next thing we did was a water realy race. The kids were divided up again and each group had a bucket of water and a cup with holes in the bottom of it.

They had to put the cup (full of water) above their head and run to the bucket on the other end of the yard.

When they reached the other bucket, they were supposed to dump it in beacuse the team with the most water in the other bucket wins, but as you can see, they didn't always get it right in the bucket. Poor Rachel & Brigid.

After they ran through the sprinkler for awhile, Grammy passed out these yummy cookie bowls with ice cream!! Yummy!!

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