Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our 4th of July

Last year, we had a very quiet 4th since Jeff had pneumonia and couldn't really go outside and wasn't supposed to be around all that smoke. So, I think he made up for it this year. ;0)

The above picture is of Jeff's fireworks, the below is for the kids.

The annual picture I force them to take. They love when I do that to them. ;0)

Then they started lighting fireworks!

After all of that fun at our house, we headed over to Jeff's brother's house. At Richard & Norma's, we had a yummy dinner, laid around talking, then set off more fireworks! These two girls like to stick together. :0)

Riley hanging out waiting to be able to set off more fireworks:

William kept saying, "Happy William Day!" then popping a champagne popper. So silly!

Mario (Norma's brother) was so nice to help my kids with fireworks while Jeff was letting off big kids fireworks. :0)

After the big boys were done, we headed home. We still had a few more fireworks, though so we let the kids shoot them off.

And that was it. A fun day filled with family, food, and fireworks!

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