Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Denver Downtown Aquarium

The kids have the whole week off of school this week for Thanksgiving Break, so we decided to take a mini vacation over the weekend! After school on Friday, we headed to Denver! On Saturday, we went to the Downtown Aquarium. Jeff & I had been here before and we though that the kids wopuld really enjoy it. 

The first stop inside was the old seadiver picture op:

After that, we started walking though the exhibits and saw this giant snapping turtle!

They have giant tanks all over the place filled with giant fish!

Zach loved seeing the giant catfish.....because he likes to EAT them! ;0)

They were all pretty impressed with the skeleton of a prehistoric fish!

Just watching the fish swim:

There was a desert section and they had a part where you could watch a flash flood. The boys thought this was pretty cool!

Then it was on to stingrays, turtles, seahorses, and other fun fish! 

Pretending to be under water:

I love these colored starfish!

I have no idea what's going on in this picture....

Shark!! :-O

Watching divers feed the fish:

This diver was wearing a shark helmet and was "blowing" water rings. :0)

We got to the shark tank and Lily & Riley loved watching them swim!

Those sharks were pretty big!!
Next was the touch tank:


Next was the part that Zach had been waiting for; touching the stingrays!

The part that Lily was most excited about was about to start, so we had to leave the stingrays for a bit to go see the mermaids!!

I don't think Lily could have been more excited about this. :0)

After the Mermaid Show, we went bqack to the stingrays so the kids could feed them. They all loved this part!

This picture cracks me up. I don't think Riley really enjoyed the stingray actually taking the fish out of his hand. LOL!

Even I attemptd to feed the stingrays, but I chickened out at the last second and just dropped it in the water. Lily was very disapointed in me. ;0)

While the boys kept playing with the stingrays, Lily & I got in line to meet the mermaids!! She could hardly contain herself she was so excited!!
(The boys did not want their pictures taken with the mermaids.....I can't figure out why...) ;0)

Lily was in heaven!! They talked to her and took several pictures with her. When she asked if they were real, they assured her they were and then asked her what her favorite things she did on her legs were. :0)
Her Daddy bought her the picture they took and the mermaids all signed it for her and added a cute note for her too!

After that, we headed to the restaraunt there. We had reservations to eat in front of the fish tank where the mermaids to a different show!!

Lily & Zach showed off their shark hats:

Zach is actually wearing Riley's hat (Zach ordered off the big menu so he didnt get one) but Riley refused to wear it for a picture. LOL!!

While we were eating, the Lily got to watch the mermaids again, and could not contain her excitement. She was jumping all over the place!!

On the way out the kids tried the hurricane simulator:

Before we left, we had to get a picture in front of one of the sea horse topiaries:

All of the kids had fun and now Lily seems to think this should be a yearly thing.....

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