Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween 2014

On Halloween morning, the kids woke up to these donuts:

This is the second year for them and the kids were still excited to see them, so I think we will keep this tradition going. :0)

Later that night, the kids got all dressed up! Bloody "Scream" guy, Cinderella, and Caesar.

That wig did NOT fit her head! She kept it on for pictures, then it was off before she even got to the first house. LOL!

Riley loved that that he could make the blood flow through this mask. He also had a voice changer box that he talked his dad into that he loved talking through.

Zach really took his role as Julius Caesar seriously. He even kept repeating random words in Latin......

We went Trick-or-treating with my sister Amy & Emma and our friends, Wendy & Shane with their kids Averie & Britton!

They all had a lot of fun and got WAY too much candy! ;0)

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