Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Polar Express!!

On Saturday night of our mini vacation, we went to go on the Polar Express!! Lily is obsessed with this story. She loves the book, the music, and especially the movie. She will watch it in July!! So when we saw that they had a Polar Express we could ride, we decided that this was a great idea!
It was at the Colorado Railway Museum in Golden.

We went in and got our Golden Tickets to ride the Polar Express!
(I do recomend you get reservations. We had reservations, but some other people came in and their child was very disappointed because they were completely sold out. :0( )

The first part of our experience (for the green package, which is the middle priced one), we went to a dining car and were treated to hot chocolate served in special mugs that we got to take home with us & cookies! They even danced to the hot chocolate song from the movie!

Then we listened to the story of The Polar Express!

After that, we got out of the dining car and went to wait for the Polar Express to arive!!

I I tired to take pictures of the train arriving and then actors enacting the first part of the story, but it was too dark. :0(

We got on the train and it took off!!

As we were riding, the story played out in front of us with the conductor taking our tickets, the Hobo and boy, and the know-it-all boy from the movie.

Out the windows, we could see the wolves from the movie, then Santa in his sleigh, and the elves from the North Pole in front of the Christmas Tree.

After we watched and listened to Santa give the boy the first gift of Christmas, he came onto the train and gave each of the kids a bell for their first gift of Christmas!!

Zach was not that excited. ;0) But Lily & Riley were super excited!!

As Santa was walking away, Lily grabbed onto him for a hug and I thought for a moment she wasn't going to let go! ;0)

This was a super fun experience for all of us, I'm very glad we did this!

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