Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween Fun!

I'm FINALLY able to post stuff to my blog!!
My computer died. it literally burned up. Well, at least the processor did. Jeff tried to fix it, but it was a lost cause. :0(  Then I uploaded my pictures to Riley's laptop, but I couldn't get them to post to the blog. I thought maybe that it was a site problem, but it wasn't. It was his laptop. So, I'm using Jeff's laptop until my new computer comes next week. :0)

Anyhoo..... The Saturday before Halloween, Jeff & I were in Colorado, but Lily was dancing in Trick or Treat Street for Wichita Children's Theatre & my sister, Kathleen (who was staying with the kids) took her and the boys to it for us. Lily danced two dances. One was for ballet & the other was jazz. Kathleen said she did great!

After the dancing, the kids got to trick or treat, get balloon figures, get their faces painted, and hair dyed, and much more!!

Later that day, she even took them to their school's Halloween Spooktacular where they got to trunk or treat, dance, and have fun with their friends! They also saw some of their cousins there!!

Thank you SO much Kathleen for taking the kids to these events (plus all of the other stuf you did for them while we were gone!!) You are the best Sister/Aunt ever!!

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