Friday, November 21, 2014

Turkey Cupcakes

If you thought this post wa about cupcakes made out of turkey, I'm sorry to disappoint you. ;0) This is actually about cupcakes made to look like turkeys.

First, bake a bunch of cucpcakes using your favorite cake batter flavor. (I used yellow.)

I to make them look like turkeys, I needed chocolate frosting, Candy eyes, nutter butters, red frosting (or gel), orange M&M's and candy corn:

Use the the above ingredients except the candy corn to make the turkey body:

Add the candy corn to make the feathers:

I made these for Riley's scout pack and they LOVED them!
They were a little time consuimg, but fun to make!

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  1. Alas I was gravely disappointed to find out that this post was NOT about turkey tasting cupcakes. But I guess this idea works also ;0)-