Monday, November 10, 2014

Science Olympiad

For some reason, my new computer is not letting metype anywhere but under all of the pictures for this post, sorry!

Anyway, Zach and the rest of the All Saints Science Olympiad team had their first invitational last Saturday. Zach was in three events this year, Bottle Rockets, Anantomy, and Crave the Wave. I don't have pictures of Anatomy or Crave the Wave because they are tests, and I can't go in the room and take pictures. ;0)
I was able to take a picture of Zach & Eisen's (his partner) bottle rocket go off. It went SO far!! The other All Saints team placed 1st though and they only let one team per school place. But it was still a win for All Saints, so yeah!!
Anatomy was a hard test for all of the students in that event, but now Zach knows what to expect, so he feels like he can get better prepared next time. :0)
Crave the Wave is the event he is strongest in. When he came back from the test, he was SO excited!! He said he knew everything but one question! So, it wasnt a suprise when he & his partner Hannah came in first!!
Zach was so happy & we are so proud of him.
They have one more invitational in December, then Regionals in February. If he keeps doing well, then he will be on the team to go to State in April and then hopefully on to Nationals!!

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