Friday, November 20, 2009

Best Buddies

These two have not always been the best of friends. When Lily was born, Riley wanted to love her SO MUCH! But Lily was not quite sure she wanted his sometimes smothering love. =) She loved when Zach would just hold her, but didn't really like Riley's constant poking. Now that Lily is a little older, and Zach has been in school for a few months (leaving Lily and Riley the only kids here), Riley has become Lily's best friend. They still have their fights. Riley likes to tease her by taking her dolls and hiding them. Lily likes to throw things at Riley's head. But, for the most part, they LOVE each other. If one of them is in trouble, the other will go sit with them in time-out. (which kind of defeats the point of time-out) Lily gets super excited when she sees Riley get out of school, and Riley usually saves some of his school snack to share with Lily in the car on the way home. Lily has to kiss and hug Riley "goodnight" when she goes up for a nap, and Riley tells Lily he loves her several times a day. They play together and help each other out. So, even though there are the times when they are yelling at each other, I know that they really love each other. I know that Lily will really miss Riley when he goes off to Kindergarten next year. (already?!?!) So for now, I am just enjoying watching them together as they make me laugh daily with the funny things they do.

**Lily still loves Zach and still gets excited to see him when he gets home from school too and she follows him around all of the time and he is still protective of her....but they have always been like that. =)

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