Saturday, November 14, 2009


Yesterday, Zach found a ladybug outside and wanted something to put it in. When he came back outside with a glass jar, Lily & Riley immediately ran inside to get one too. Because Zach just can't do anything without them. =)
So, the hunt for bugs was on!
Even Lily, who HATES bugs was after them.....if "The Brothers" (as she has started calling the boys) can do it, so can she!

They looked under rocks, toys, by the fence, everywhere!

Lily was fascinated by her cricket. The poor thing got jostled around all over the backyard and then it finally either met it's demise or escaped when she dropped the jar and broke it. (she was OK)

Zach collected the most. He gave the bugs some dirt and a rock to play with. Considerate, isn't he? =)

Zach actually caught most of the bugs for the other two also. Such a nice big brother.

Riley caught his own roly-poly, but was really excited when Zach caught a cricket for him.

This kept the kids busy for quite awhile. It is so fun to watch them all play together....and not fight while they are doing it. Ahhh...the little things that make me happy. =)

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