Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Welcome Home Mann Family!

After living in Oklahoma for several years, my sister Dianna and her family have moved back to Wichita!!! Yesterday, her three boys came over to play and everyone had a lot of fun!

Camden took some trains for a walk:

Lily and Carson tried to beat each other up with pool noodles.......what are those still doing out???

Lily and Camden had a truce over who's toys were who's to swing for a little while. =)

The older boys had fun playing football.

Don't these two look like they are super happy to be sitting in the same chair?
I know that they will get to be good friends....as soon as neither of them are two. =)

These guys look ornery don't they?

Thanks for coming over to play Cooper, Carson, and Camden! We are looking forward to seeing you a lot more!

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