Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Walk

This weather has been great! I can't believe it is November and we are still able to play outside and go for long walks! Today we went in search of leaves for an art project. Riley found plenty. He kept naming them too. Did you know that some leaves are called "Rare Orange Warblers"? They are. There are also "Rare Red Warblers" too. =)

When Riley saw this:

He got SUPER excited! So excited that he wanted me to take a picture of it before he picked it.
He thought they were all dead by now.

He found one for Lily too.
Poor Lily had such a hard time blowing hers....she tried so hard.

When we got to the park, they ran up the hill and Riley was ecstatic to see one whole side covered in dandelions!!

Lily spotted this big spider. (yuck!)

I don't know why this is so much fun...but apparently it is. =)

Enjoy the weather while you still can!!

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  1. Looks like fun! I hope they enjoyed the "Rare Orange Warblers"!