Thursday, November 5, 2009


I went to see Wicked last night. It was the best show I have ever seen!!! The actors, the costumes, the scenery, all brilliantly done. I really wish I could go again!

I went with 3 of my sisters, and my niece.

It was so much fun to go with all of you!!

We had awesome seats! (Thanks Amy!) We were three rows back, right in the middle!

I did try to take a picture of the stage before it started, but the picture turned out really dark.....and then the usher people came over to tell me to put my (Amy's) camera away. Which Amy was none too happy about...not that they told her to put it away....that they had to come over to us. =) Sorry Amy! But then we saw about 100 other people doing the same thing and the ushers went over to them see, it's not just me. =)

I LOVE the theatre, and while I do go and see Music Theatre of Wichita's shows (and many other theatres around Wichita), I really hope that Wichita has shown that it can have a big show like Wicked come here, so now more big Broadway shows will come here. Keep your fingers crossed! ;-)

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