Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mean Snow

Yesterday we had snow that was not very nice to the kids. On the way home from Preschool, we saw big, huge flakes falling down. I told Riley and Lily that when we got home, they could run around in it....only when we got out of the car, it wasn't really snowing anymore.

Riley was not very happy with me.....because I control the weather. =)

On the way home from picking up Zach from school, we saw giant flakes again, only to be disappointed when we got out of the car again. =(

Zach was able to catch some on his tongue.

Lily was not that impressed either time we went out in it.

While I was happy that the snow did not stick to the ground (I HATE driving on snowy/icy roads.) the kids were kind of sad. But, I am quite sure this is not the last snowfall we will see. Hopefully next time it will be nice snow.

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