Monday, November 30, 2009


We started putting up our Christmas decorations yesterday. (I finished this morning...) Jeff let the boys help him put the big tree together this year. They were a big help!

I think this sweatshirt is so cute. It says, "Put a little jingle in you bell." Lily liked the jingle bell attached to it.

After two trips to the store to get more lights, putting one strand on, taking it back off, and then adding another two new strands, we finally were able to decorate the tree. The kids were starting to think we were lying to them about getting to do it. =)

Lily was actually able to help this year. She kept saying, "You got us Christmas??" Like it was a thing. So cute!

The kids get to decorate a tree in the family room with all of their ornaments that they get each year, and ones that are mine from growing up. Then I get to decorate a small one that goes in the livingroom all by myself. There are NO Chiefs ornaments on my tree. =)
We have a little train that goes around the little tree......Lily really likes it....we had to let it "rest" earlier this morning.

Here are some of our outdoor lights. Jeff bought a giant snowman for the kids this year. They LOVE it.

When Riley came home from school today, he ran right to the tree and said, "No presents yet!!!"
I better get wrapping!

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  1. I'll stop on my way home and get some Chief's ornaments for the little tree in the living room. ;-)