Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Art Projects

We have been outside enjoying the warm, sunny weather all week, but we have tried to squeeze in a few Easter art projects too.

The first one we did was decorate paper Easter eggs with glitter and paint.

Aren't they pretty? =)

Then we made these cute ducks out of half of a paper plate.
Their hand print is the tail feathers!

Lily and Riley made these cottonball/handprint sheep.

Our last art project this week was making bunnies out of plastic Easter eggs.

We used hot glue to put everything on, so I helped a lot with this project.
They all got to pick out their colors and help place the pom-poms, eyes, and paper ears on though.

We still have to dye Easter eggs this weekend, so we still have one more project before Easter!


  1. Love the Bunnies!!!

  2. ADORABLE! You are so creative and such a good mommy! Loved the pics of them w/Easter Bunny!