Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Deck

I have wanted a deck on the back of our house since we moved in.
If you had come over to our house last Friday, you would have seen this:

Just a lopsided piece of concrete.....not even big enough for our patio furniture.

If you had come over on Saturday, you would have seen this:
The beginning of our new deck!!
My brother Bill came over Saturday morning with an auger, and helped Jeff drill holes in the ground for the posts.
Thanks Bill!! That was a big help!

A little later on that day, my brother Tom came over to help get all of the wood we needed and to help start building the deck. (thank you!)
(I found out I can carry an 80 pound bag of concrete!)

They got the posts cemented in the holes and the frame pretty much done on Saturday.
Then on Sunday, Tom came back with his wife Carla to help finish the main part of the deck.

Carla told me I couldn't take any pictures of her.
I appreciated her help SO much that I didn't take any. ;-)
Thank you Tom & Carla!!
We would not have had this part done by Sunday afternoon without your help!!!!

SO much more room now!
The deck is 16x16.

Sunday evening, Jeff was making sure all of the nails were completely in the wood.
The kids really wanted to "help".
Then Monday night after Jeff got off work we went to get the wood for the railings.
Jeff worked hard on this with a little bit of help from Zach.

He was completely done last night......except for stairs.....who needs stairs?? =)
Just kidding. He is going to finish them tomorrow and then we will have to stain it.
I was too excited to show it off to wait for stairs though.
So here are the pictures of the "finished" deck!!

I think Jeff did a great job.
It looks fantastic & we LOVE it!
Thank you to everyone who helped us!!!!


  1. Absolutely Beautiful! So much space...can't wait to see it this Saturday. Way to go everyone!!


  2. Beautiful, can I have one? K

  3. That looks great!! We enjoy ours so much!