Saturday, April 3, 2010

Egg Hunts!

Today, we went to two Easter egg hunts!
The first one was at the zoo.
We went with Jeff's brothers and their children.
Zach, Riley, and Lily were excited to go with their cousins!

The zoo has an egg hunt every year where you look for these big wooden eggs throughout the zoo:

While you are looking for and counting them, the kids got to go to candy stations to collect candy.

While we looked for eggs, we looked at all of the animals and took pictures with the statues. ;-)
Then at the end you tell the prize station how many eggs you found.
Zach and his cousin Madi were so excited to find and count the eggs.
They counted 43.
They did really good job counting because they were close.
There were 48 throughout the whole zoo!
(and we didn't actually go through the whole zoo......)
Their prizes were duck or bunny masks!
Our second egg hunt was at Jeff's parent's house.
The kids had fun running all over the backyard looking for eggs.

Now the kids are going to be experts at finding eggs Easter morning!

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