Saturday, April 17, 2010

Riley's Birthday

Riley's Birthday celebrations started on Monday when he got to bring cupcakes and treat bags to preschool.

It continued into Tuesday, his actual Birthday, with presents from Jeff & I.
We let the kids pick whatever they want for dinner on their Birthday.
Riley chose Red Robin's.
It was yummy and he got a big Birthday sundae. =)

When we got home he blew out the candles on the blueberry cake he picked out.
He must have had a good day,
he was sound asleep within five minutes with his new toys spread out around him in bed.

Then today, we had his big party with lots of family!
He wanted a Mario cake.
I wish I could take credit for this......but I can't.
My sister Mary made this.
Riley LOVED it!!

Riley got lots of great presents!
He got cute clothes, lots of outdoor toys, and many other things.
Thanks everyone!!
Riley is really lucky to have so many people who love him!!
He also got some cute jammies.
Including his new dragon jammies.

He has been running around as a dragon all night. ;-)

After presents, Riley blew out the candles on his Mario cake!

Riley had a great time!
Thanks everyone for helping Riley celebrate being FIVE years old!!

1 comment:

  1. I really Love those Dragon Jammies. I need to take the boys to see that movie!

    Glad Riley had such a good bday. He is just the sweetest loving little boy!

    -Aunt D.