Monday, April 26, 2010

Renaissance Fair

We went to the Great Plains Renaissance Fair yesterday afternoon.
It was a lot of fun!
I have been to Renaissance Fairs before, but we have never taken the kids.
I think they really liked it.
The first thing we did was stop in the "Kid's Realm" and let the kids play games.

Then we walked around to watch some of the shows.
The boys really liked this fencing show.

We also walked around the shops.
The boys picked out these bows & safe arrows.
Riley is getting a lesson on how to use his here:
Lily picked out a fairy wand and halo.
(It was SUPER windy yesterday....)

Some of the workers were handing out Musketeer coins.
The kids had to take the coins to the Royal Court to exchange them for a prize.
Here they are with the queen.
They also got a stamp saying they were now Musketeers.

While we were walking around waiting for the jousting to begin, we saw some very interesting people.

Then the jousting began!
This was really fun to watch.
This lady was our announcer.
Those horses are huge!!!
These were the two champions.
The one with the yellow and red checks was our side's champion.
Zach was really into this.
He was cheering them on and laughing so hard at the jokes that the announcer and the men would tell.

We moved onto face painting when we were done watching the joust.
Zach felt that he was too old for face painting. ;-)
But Lily and Riley wanted to.
The last thing we did was watch this comedy circus.
The husband/wife duo was really funny!
They were also really good at their acts.
They juggled:
Walked on tight ropes:

And jumped through fire!

It was a lot of fun.
I think we will have to make this a yearly tradition!

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  1. OMGosh...I had no idea they had so much stuff that kids would enjoy. We may have to go next year also!