Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Afternoons

Friday afternoons are my favorite day during the busy school week.
My sister Mary picks Zach up from school Monday through Thursday.
I pick him up on Fridays.
He is excited everyday after school, but Fridays are different.
He shows me his spelling test, his new library books, and tells me about the fun things he did.
Lily and Riley are excited to see Zach too, and like to go pick him up.
Then they all know what happens next:

Our little treat for Fridays.
Just because.
Lily always gets a strawberry slush.
The boys switch their choices around.
They are into cranberry drinks now.
Riley ALWAYS gets what Zach gets.
Even if Zach changes his mind......Riley will change his mind too. =)
Mine is always a Diet Dr. Pepper....I am addicted.

Here recently we have been going straight outside to enjoy our drinks.
Sometimes to cool off between bike and scooter rides.
Sometimes just sitting on the deck laughing with each other.
Before they run off in a million different directions.
Relaxing at the end of a busy week.
I love Fridays! =)

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