Saturday, April 30, 2011

Amy and Sam's Wedding

My baby sister, Amy got married to my new brother-in-law, Sam on Friday night. =)
It was a beautiful wedding!!
Amy was gorgeous & Sam was very handsome.
But, before all of that could happen, we had to do a few things.
First, on Thursday, we had to decorate the reception hall.
We made Sam change out lights that had burnt out.
Since he is so tall, we thought he was the perfect person for the job.

While Sam was doing that, Amy, our mom, and Amy's friends Theresa & Farihah set out tables, chairs, and put table clothes on all of the tables and decorated.

Then Sam & Amy practiced their first dance. :0)

On Thursday night we had a rehearsal, followed by a dinner at Sam's mom's house.

Friday morning, Amy, our mom, and our sister Kathleen, went back to the hall to put out these cute teacups with flowers in them. They went on all of the tables.

While Amy & I went to get our nails done, (and then to finish getting ready...) Mom & Kathleen finished setting up. (THANKS!!)

Finally it was time for the wedding!!

Don't they look fabulous?!?!

So happy!!

Amy & her bridesmaids:

Tonya, me, Amy, Ragan, Theresa.

Amy & Sam & our mom & dad:

Amy putting her feet up before walking down the aisle:

The happy couple after the wedding:

Amy & Lily.

She couldn't wait to see Amy in her dress!

The first dance:

It was a beautiful wedding with wonderful people.

Amy & Sam, we love you so much and wish you a lifetime of happiness!!!!


  1. I love the bright blue dresses and love that everyone's is different! Everyone looks great! Glad they had such a special day!! :)

  2. Love, love, love this blog post (obviously). Thanks for capturing the wedding so well! I Adore the pic of Lily and I! Thank you again so so much for all your work!
    Love you!