Sunday, April 10, 2011

Angry Birds Party

We had Riley's Birthday Party today.
He will be 6 on Wednesday.

Have you heard of the game Angry Birds?

The boys are ADDICTED to it.

Riley really wanted an Angry Birds cake for his party.

So we asked Aunt Mary if she would make one.

The answer?


Mary took on this challenge & did a FABULOUS job!

In case you've never heard of Angry Birds, here is what they are:

There are Angry Birds:

and there are the evil pigs who steal the birds' eggs:

The birds fling themselves off of a slingshot to get to the pigs.

She made all of the pigs, birds, rocks, bricks, etc. by hand out of candy melts.

After we oohed and awed over the cake, we had a yummy lunch and then Riley opened his presents.

He got so many cool things!

Thanks everyone!!

Then it was time for the moment Ri had been waiting for ALL day!


He chose to eat the top layer of cake with the bird's nest and the king pig.

He had a great day and can't wait for his actual Birthday!

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