Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lily's Favorite Things About Spring

Lily & I went on a walk yesterday.
While we were walking, I asked her to show me her favorite things about Spring.
The first one was flowers:

Jumping in puddles quickly followed the flowers.

What's better than jumping in a puddle??

Wishing Puffs are also a favorite.

(Not of Daddy's though....we can't blow these in our own yard...) ;0)

She also said she loves green leaves....

and green grass!

She spotted a butterfly and said that she also liked to see those in the Spring.

We found "helicopters" and she threw several in the air, watching them spin down to the ground.

She had mentioned birds to begin with, but this was the first one I could take a picture of...

she kept scaring them away when she shouted, "BIRDIE!!!!!" :0)

Those are all of the things that Lily likes about Spring.

I like all those things too.

But my favorite thing, is taking a walk with this little girl:

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