Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Crafts!

On Wednesday, Johnny & Ares came over for Easter Crafts!
We started out making bunny ears.
I printed off ears onto card stock.
Each kid colored the inside of the ears the color they wanted:

Then we helped them cut them out and tape them to more card stock I had cut into strips.
We wrapped the strips around their head and then taped them so they fit.
They loved their bunny ears!

Then we started on their bunny windsocks.

They colored bunny ears and a bunny mouth that I had printed off.

Then we cut those out and glued them onto a piece of paper.

We attached streamers on to the bottom and added googly eyes to match the colors they used for the streamers and the ears.

Then we made a cylinder out of the paper and taped it together.

They kids did great!

Our last project was making paper eggs.

Everyone got an egg on paper and then they used glitter markers and bingo daubers to decorate them:

(I bet you can't guess who's favorite color is what.) :0)

Finally, it was time for a yummy Easter snack!

"Bird's Nests" made out of rice krispie treats and cadbury mini eggs.

They were yummy!

Lily & the boys are looking forward to dying eggs soon!!

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