Monday, April 18, 2011

Amy's Bachelorette Party!

Saturday night, we had Amy's Bachelorette Party!! We started out at Mosley Street Melodrama to talk, have drinks, and watch the show. Before the show started, we took some pictures with the Bride to be. Amy & her Bridesmaids:
Amy & our sisters, sister-in-law, & niece:

Amy got this nice giant cup to drink out of:

Unfortunately this cup met an early demise on the way to the bar......

Someone may or may not have been tipsy and may or may not have sat on it.....

During the musical part of the show, one of the singers came over & sang to Amy:

Then shots in the parking lot!

I am going to be nice to Amy (and everyone else who was there...) and not post any pictures from the bar. =)

It was so much fun though and there were a lot of great girls to hang out with!!!

I did realize however, that I am too old to do this anymore. ;0)

*****Thank you Tonya for the great gift bags & the fun tasks for Amy to do!!!*****

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  1. Oh come on! You're not too old! It was a great time!!!