Thursday, April 14, 2011

Riley's Birthday

Riley's Birthday was spilt into three days. He had his party with our families on Sunday, then since Jeff was going to be out of town on Riley's Birthday, we let him open one present and then we went to Red Robin's for dinner. (Jeff ended up not going out of town though, but Riley was Okay with spreading his Birthday out.) The present Riley got to open on Monday was Kidz Bop Dance Party for the Wii!! Riley loves listening to Kidz Bop in his room & has dance parties in there all the time. =) He was super excited to try this out! At Red Robin's he got balloon ears and a sundae!

Then on his actual Birthday, I took peanut butter cookies to his class.

Since it was his Birthday, he got to sit in the teacher's rocker and read a story to the class.

He was pretty excited about that!

That night, Riley got to pick what he wanted to eat.

It was refried beans.

He is so funny. =)

I asked if he wanted a bean & cheese burrito.

Nope, just the beans by themselves.

(He had a chicken strip too.)

After dinner it was time to open more presents!!

Lily made him a card and then wanted to put it in a box to surprise him.

Notice the princess stickers.....

Zach made him a card too.

He read it to him:

Zach had drawn a funny comic on the back that had a person who said, "Waah! Another Birthday! Then another person said, "No! It's a good thing he's having a Birthday!"

I thought it was so funny. =)

Riley had asked for this moon dough several times:

But by the look on his face, he apparently forgot he wanted it.

Ha ha ha!

He did like these Mario PJ's though!

Then we had brownies and ice cream & they watched his new movie Megamind.

Riley said he had a GREAT Birthday!!

Here is a video of Riley rockin' out to his new Kidz Bop Wii game:


  1. I hope you are brushing up on your dance moves with Ri before this party tonight! Looks like he's got some pretty fancy ones! ;0)-


  2. Cute Video!!!