Monday, April 25, 2011


Our Easter started bright and early at 7:00 am.
We actually had to wake our kids up though.
(We went to 8:00 mass and we wanted them to see what the Easter Bunny brought them before we left.)
The Easter Bunny left them a note this year telling them he got a present for all 3 of them this year and it told them what color eggs to collect for each one of them.
Zach's sleepy eyes read the letter:

Then they were off into the family room to see what they got!
Zach always looks for eggs first, and Lily & Riley always look what is in their basket first.
Every year it is the same.
So funny. =)

I wanted Lily to show me the egg she found, but all she cared about was her new Barbie....

Hunting for eggs!!

Can I eat this before church (even though I just had a ton of jelly beans)???

Please, Please???

Still a little on the sleepy side...

I don't have a mouth full of candy......

Then it was time to get ready for church.

Lily said she was a princess in this dress. =)

My handsome boys:

Then my family came over for a yummy lunch and an egg hunt afterwards!

We had such a great Easter (and weekend)!

I hope yours was equally blessed!!

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