Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun Night!

On Saturday night, we went to the boys' school Fun Night. It is their annual fundraiser. They have lots of fun games for the kids, food, balloons, casino games, baskets that are raffled off, and a silent auction. It is super crowded, but the kids always have a lot of fun.
The first game that Riley & Lily went to was the candy bar walk. The quality of this picture is terrible (I took them all with my phone), but I had to post it just because of Lily's pose:

I said, "Lily look over here!" and that's what she did. What a ham!
The kids saw lots of their cousins at Fun Night. Camden was there & he got his hair spray painted lots of colors!!

Zach & Taby got to go around to all of the games by themselves. They thought they were pretty hot stuff. ;0) I did see them throughout the night though. Here is Zach playing the car racing game:

The fishing game is always a favorite game! You win every time!

A new game this year was plinko! We all had to try it out. =)

The kids had a lot of fun, as usual. Zach even won a fish! We didn't win any of the raffle baskets, but Jeff did get 2 of the things that he was bidding on in the silent auction, so he was happy about that. By the time we got home (at 10:00) we were all exhausted! While Jeff & I are happy Fun Night is over, the kids can't wait until next year!

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